Model OCW/MST 4 - Coil Spring MPI Machine

Ergonomically designed and robust construction with pneumatically controlled Central Conductor and Head Stock clamping device. Fitted with movable Tail Stock with locking facility. Sophisticated electronic circuitry with Current Assurance Indicator and Analog Ammeter to show correct Magnetising current, Push Button automatic AC Decay Demagnetisation with Stepless Current control. Integral Inspection Booth fitted with exhaust fan, black canvas canopy with flexible arm UV-A Black Light assembly is provided for Fluorescent MPI. Reversible flow bath agitation type Stirrer Pump with flexible delivery hose and spray nozzles. Motorised Steady-Rest rollers for job support and rotation during inspection. The equipment is fitted with latest accessories conforming to MIL and ASTM specifications with certified Test Blocks. Advanced safety features to protect against overload, earth fault and single phase problems. Control Panel located conveniently for easy operation. Optional loading and unloading features can be provided.


Bed Length : 200 - 2000 mm
Job Diameter : 80 - 500 mm
Job Weight : 100 Kgs Max
Central Conductor : Pneumatic Controlled 25-28mm diameter
Head Stock : Pneumatically Operated
Tail Stock : Manual movement on Rails with locking facility
Magnetising Current : 4000 - 8000 Amps
Type of Currents : AC / HWDC / FWDC
Current Control : Stepless
Air Pressure : 5 Kgf/c.c
Power Requirements : 415 V, 3 ph AC
Bath Tank Construction : 14 SWG 316 SS
Tank Capacity : 40 - 100 Ltrs
Inking System : Stirrer/Recalculating pump filled with delivery hose and manual control spray nozzles
Black Light Assembly (Fan cooled) : Spectroline FC100 / F
BL Intensity : 5500 micro watt / cm2
Duty Cycle : 0.5 sec
Paint : Anti-corrosive Power Coating
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