Model OCW/FPI-003-Universal Fluorescent Penetrant Inspection System

Six station uniflow Fluorescent Dye Penetrant Inspection system consisting of a Penetrant Tank, Dwelling station, Washing station, Drier, Developer station and Inspection Booth. The washing station is equipped with a rotating disc that is electrically controlled with pressure regulator with a manual washing facility. The equipment is provided with extra lighting facility and Ultra-violet Black Light at the washing station to monitor the washing of the component. Thermostatic controlled re-circulating electrical drier with adjustable shelf for accommodating larger components with temperature range from 0 - 1100 C. The developer station is fitted with a sliding lid to prevent moisture ingestion in to the dry developer powder. The inspection booth is provided with a black canvas canopy, inspection area, flexible and adjustable Ultra-violet Black Light holder, electrical connection and a storage cabinet.

The equipment is compact, modular, ergonomically designed with advanced electronic control systems and power safety features. It is painted with anti-corrosive powder paint technology for added corrosion resistance and decorative look. Easy to operate features and requires minimum manpower. The accessories fitted in the equipment and the consumables conform to all major international specifications.

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