Model OCW-12D/EMCD Electro-magnetic Crack Detector(Range: 0-7000 amps A/C and 0-9000 amps HWDC)

Model OCW-12D is a horizontal bed Universal Magnetic Crack Detector, ideal for wet type inspection for engineering workshops requiring extremely critical and high speed inspection for structural, engine components and marine gas turbine components.

The Model OCW-12D provides continuously variable AC and HWDC magnetizing current to locate surface crack and sub-surface discontinuities in a large variety of critical parts / components both in the Longitudinal and Transverse direction.

OCW-12D, Magnetic Crack Detector operates at 7000 Amps. AC and 9000 Amps HWDC for detection of surface and near sub-surface cracks in ferromagnetic materials both in longitudinal and transverse direction with the help of central copper conductor shot, contact/head shot, coil shot and cable wrap respectively.


Bed Length : 3000 mm
Construction : Stationary Horizontal
Load carrying capacity : 400 Kgs. The load is equally distributed between the head stock and tail stock by means of "Steady Rests" and "Roller Rests".
Job Size:
(i) Max length of job
(ii) Min length of job
(iii) Max dia of job
(iv) Min dia of job

2.5 metres.
25 mm.
1.00 metres.
25 mm.
Head Stock : Pneumatically operated head stock.
Tail Stock : Motorized, movable tail stock with mechanical locking and job synchronizing capacity.
Job Holding : Pneumatic Head Stock Clamping system.
Coil : 5 Turn x 500 mm internal dia coil with manual sliding trolley for longitudinal magnetization.
Inking System (1) Stainless Steel Ink Tank - 60 litres capacity (SS 316).
(2) Stainless Steel Ink Tray (SS 316).
(3) Magnetic Particle Spray Device - Manually controlled spray nozzle through re-circulating pump with stirrer/agitation system.
(4) Test Medium - Oil/Water.
Magnetizing Current : 7000 Amps AC and 9000 HWDC.
Magnetizing Current Outlet : (1) Through Head Stock and Tail Stock "Through Current" "Traded Bar" and "Coil" Magnetization techniques.
(2) Through separate outlets (not contact clamp) located on the machine with remote switch for "Cable Warp" and "Prod" Magnetization techniques.
Magnetization Current Control : Infinitely variable thyristorized current control with Auto Voltage regulation.
Current Setting : By closed loop feed back circuitry for repeat testing at preset current value.
Indication for Magnetic Current : By digital Ammeter with read out retention facilities.
Magnetization Period : Controlled by preset electronic timer from 0 - 5 sec.
Control Panel : Installed on the machine with necessary indicators.
Demagnetization : Built in AC demagnetization system.
Inspection Booth : Collapsible type M.S. Angle structure with black cloth covering entire bed length with easy slidable curtains in front and fitted with exhaust fan.
U V Lamp : Model : Spectroline FC 150/F
Type : Fan cooled
UV Bulb - 150W and UV Filter
UV Intensity - 5500 mw/cm2
Change Over Switch/Links : 1) AC to HWDC
2) Contact shot to Coil shot.
Magnetic Leeches : For testing long jobs of large dia during head shot for circular magnetization.
Adopter : Provided for holding small jobs.
Safety devices : 1) Emergency Cut-Off switch
8) Double Earthing
9) 24 V operated control panel
10) Limiting switch, visual indicators etc. to ensure that current does not flow through the job until and unless it is properly clamped.
11) Overload protection
12) Single phase protection
13) Earth fault protection
Lighting : 2x20W white light with fittings will be provided for lighting the inspection booth.
Portable inspection facility : Mobile black hood arrangements mounted on Pipe Frame of 6" x 6" x 7" with electrical provision for fitment of Black Light and White Light. It is provided with SS Drain Tray and Magnetic Bath tank of 5 liters capacity with outlet/drain. The entire inspection booth is mounted on wheels for portability and flexible arm for Black Light fitting is also provided.


1. Ketos Test Ring

2. MG-50, Pie Gauge Magnetic Field Indicator

3. Centrifuge Tube with stand

4. Spectroline UVF-80 Face Shield

5. Mi-Glow 118, Fluorescent Magnetic Particles (Wet Method - Oil)

6. Spectroline UVS-30 Spectacle

7. Spectroline FC-150/F Black Light Complete

8. Spare Black Light Bulb BLE 150S/MR.

9. Spare Black Light Filters 2F 958

10. Copper Contact Pad

11. MG-25, Magnetometer / Residual Field Indicator 1 No.

12. Artificial Flaw Shims as per ASTM E-1444

13. Central conductors of copper material with following dimensions:

Diameter Length
1" 6", 12", 18" & 24"
2" 6", 12", 18" & 24"
3" 6", 12", 18" & 24"
5" 6", 12", 18" & 24"

14. Extension Contact Blocks
15. UV Magnifier Lamp Model: Spectroline Q-22/F

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