Equipment > Model OCW-04D/EMCD Electro-magnetic Crack Detector(Range: 0-4000 amps A/C HWDC)
Heavy duty, horizontal MPI Test Bench for detection of surface and near sub-surface cracks/flaws in both longitudinal and transverse direction for Diesel Engine components like Crank Shaft, Connecting Rod, Cam Shaft, Rocker Shaft, Push Rod, Valve, Gear, Shaft, Bolt, Bearing & various other fero-magnetic parts.
Mat. of Const. : Heavy duty MS angle structured with anti corrosive powder 
Drain Tray : 316 - 14 SWG - SS
Sump Tank : 316 - 14 SWG - SS
Sump Tank Cap : 30-60 Ltrs.
Inpur Supply : 415V, 3Ph, 50hz
Mag. Output    
Current : 4000 Amps. AC/HWDC
Coil : 5 x 300 mm ID
Coil Type : Mounted on Rails with manual movement & locking arrangement.
Head Stock : Pneumatically operated by PB/Foot switch
Tail Stock : Rail mounted, manual movement by wheel with locking facility.
Job/Bed length : 0 - 1500 mm
Job diam. : 25 - 250 mm
Ammeter : Digital/Analog (Optional)
Current Control : Stepless, thyristorized
Magnetization : Contact / Head Shot, Central Conductor, Coil Mode & Cable Wrap.
Demagnetization : By AC Decay (in built)
Black Light : Spectroline C-100/F of 4000 mw/cm2 intensity
Inspection Hood : MS angle Frame work with black canvas cloth fitted with exhaust fan 4 White Light system, covering entire bed.
Contact Pad : Both HS & TS is provided with 300 x 300 mm wire-braided copper pad (replacable type)
Cable Wrap : 120 x 10 metres flexible Copper Cable
Prod System : Prod with remote control switch & 5 metre long cable.
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